Sushi Invaders from Outer Space: A Collective Art Project

I used to dream about tuna hosomaki. Not anymore. Now they’ve become a nightmare. They are everywhere.

Here’s how it all started: I invited some friends over for a collective art project. To replicate a screen from the iconic video game Space Invaders using pieces of sushi, more specifically 64 pieces of tuna hosomaki. We created the five icons needed, three types of invaders, the mothership and the ownship, by placing the pieces on a banana leaf. The whole setup was both backlit and front lit. I thought that backlighting the translucent banana leaf would give the background a good old monochrome screen look.

After the shoot, each icon was transferred onto a background composed of the banana leaf shot without anything else for homogeneity purposes. That was really tedious and the reason why I lost so much sleep.

All in all, the results are about what I initially envisioned but if I were to do V2.0 of the sushi invaders project, I would certainly be more mindful of the lighting and background as to avoid having to change the background on all the icons. I did what I could but it does not look quite natural.

Initially, I wanted to assemble the game screen with icons at full resolution (21 Mpixels) so the resulting image could in principle be printed in very large dimensions but I quickly ran into computer resource limitations. Finally, I worked with small versions of the various icons for the assembly onto the game screen.

Note: no sushi was harmed in the making of the project. They performed their primary function fine.

Here are the resulting simulated game screen and a blow-up of my favorite invader, the Skull!


V1.1: As suggested by one of the creator, I put on black background so it looks more like the original game.



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