A self-portrait with a purpose: a Thermo knuckle sandwich

I do not get my picture taken very often, nor do I feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Obviously, I have never attempted a self-portrait but I have decided to give it a try because I need a picture for my employee profile. I thought it would make a good project for a rainy Saturday.

The setup: camera on tripod (obviously), wired shutter release, camera connected to laptop for instant feedback and a single small softbox very close to the face because I wanted a large light drop off. This setup is very efficient and I can still use the auto-focus feature.

It was an interesting exercise and I quickly found out that modeling is really difficult. Very slight changes in head position significantly modify the attitude portrayed and I must admit that I was not very happy with the conventional shots. I certainly have renewed admiration for people that thrive in front of the camera.

After 45 minutes and 300+ shots, I came up with something that is not quite the conventional corporate mugshot. Most people have their department name tattooed on their heart, so I thought that having it tattooed on the knuckles would be more interesting! I work for a very conventional company so I am quite sure that my employee profile shot will be among the most original as it differs markedly from the standard fare. My only concern is that I shot it as landscape but I think the shot needs to be portrait… Might have to shoot it again.

I made both color and B&W versions.


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