When F1 teams get creative

During the practice sessions, F1 teams take the opportunity to test different car configurations, the most common being using different types of tyres. During the Friday free trials, all teams went out with both the soft tyre compound, as indicated by the yellow sidewalls, and the super soft identifiable by the red sidewalls.

However, while reviewing pictures I shot during the day, I noticed some other changes to the standard car configuration in two of the top teams: Red Bull Racing and Ferrari.

Vettel on the Red Bull Racing car came out for a single lap at the opening of the Friday morning free practice with what looks like some pressure measurement rake mounted to the car’s left-hand side. My only guess is that RBR needed some pressure / air velocity measurements in the real world as opposed to the mountains of wind tunnel data and Computational Fluid Dynamics generated data they must have.

During the afternoon practice session, both Ferrari drivers Alonso and Massa tested a rear wing that was painted light fluo greenish yellow as opposed to the standard white rear wing. I scoured F1 technical sites which usually list every minute changes made and tested on the various team cars but I could not find any references to a new rear wing for Ferrari. Anyway, either la Scuderia Ferrari was testing a new paint scheme to see how it shows on TV or it is a new rear wing geometry. You read about it here first! Here are pictures of Alonso and Massa with the different rear wing.


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