Seeing beyond visible light: IR go-around

In British Columbia, I took out my modified DSLR body modified for IR capture for the first time. After reading on post-processing of IR images, it seems that using the pictures straight out of camera on Auto WB is not recommended, and that’s precisely what I did for this blog entry:

Seeing beyond visible light: my first attempt at infrared photography

After some more reading, I found out that swapping the red and blue channels to get what’s called the blue sky effect is a good place to start. I tried the suggestion and indeed, I find the images much more satisfying as the blue sky becomes an anchor in reality in what are otherwise surreal pictures.

I have still much to learn and will keep on investigating the world of IR photography including white balance options. In the meantime, these images represent where I stand today: the same two pictures from the previous post shot at the Capilano suspension bridge site and two additional pictures from Butchart Gardens in Victoria, shot by a photography enthusiast buddy of mine.

Equipment: Canon 20D DSLR body modified with Standard IR filter, Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L lens, RAW conversion using Lightroom 3.6

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