All along the Lachine Canal

In this beautiful, sunny and crisp autumn afternoon, I went shooting along the Lachine Canal, a waterway crossing the center southwest of Montreal lined with either old industrial sites or brand-new condominium complexes. A bike path runs along both sides of the Canal making it a very pleasant walk. We started next to an abandoned industrial compound, traversed under the Canal through the St-Rémi tunnel, currently closed for road work, walked on the South side to a set of locks where we could cross back to the North side. Vis-à-vis the locks, there lies the St-Ambroise brewery waiting for weary would-be photographers. Unfortunately, its terrace was closed and we had to make do with pub fare closer to the Atwater market.

I took the opportunity to try different techniques to obtain a variety of images. The descriptions are underneath the pictures.

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon DSLR 20D modified for infrared capture


One thought on “All along the Lachine Canal

  1. Some facts about this building:
    “The 11 terra cotta silos are unique in Canada. They belonged to the former Canada Malting, a plant in the food and brevage sector where barley was processed into malt for the region’s breweries and distilleries. Built in 1905 to a design by renowned architect D. J. Spence, the malt factory doubled its production capacity with the addition of 18 concrete silos in 1963. Abandonned since the early 1980s, this cathedral of industry is still very much at risk.”

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