When clouds make the difference…

Last weekend I went along the Lachine canal to shoot some pictures of an abandoned industrial site, the Canada Malting Co., which sits menacingly along its North shore. It was a very pleasant walk but I was somewhat disappointed that the day was so nice, sunny and cloudless. This type of day did not convey the mood I was looking for.

Today, I could see the skies evolve from completely devoid of clouds in the morning to partly overcast as clouds were rolling in during the afternoon. I decided to wait until about one hour before sunset to go shoot the industrial complex along the canal. At first, I had decided to start shooting and wait to witness how the scene evolves until sunset but I changed my mind because: 1. It was cold and 2. I am certainly not a sunset specialist but the shots are taken more or less towards the East. As the Sun sets in the West, I thought that the wait may be for naught. Anyway, reason 1. was enough to get me home…

So I drove out with my trusty tripod to take multiple exposures for HDR tone mapping as the dynamic range was evidently very high.

While I was taking the pictures, the whole thing made me think about making this spot a little project: I think I will come back through the year and at different times of day to capture the site’s daily and seasonal changes. I live fairly close so it is not a huge deal to drive down and snap a few pictures every now and then.

So here are the two resulting pictures. I think they turned out much moodier and more interesting than those shot with a cloudless sky at midday:

All along the Lachine canal

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens


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