Geo W. Reed building: (slightly) more intimate views

While going through the remaining pictures from inside the Geo W. Reed building that did not make the first cut, I noticed some that were taken with the longer end of my 16-35mm zoom. I think the longer focal length gives a more intimate feel to the place. I guess that my first instinct was to give an expansive and grandiose view of the broad spaces entirely covered by wall art by shooting as wide as possible and often from a low vantage point to accentuate the ceiling height. So my initial post on the visit comprised mostly pictures using the wide 16mm end.

However, I find now that the 35mm focal length better represents the view that greets visitors. I understand that photography theory says that the human vision is akin to the field of view afforded by the 50mm focal length (on a full-frame sensor) but I prefer using 35mm shot from eye level to depict what the eyes can see in focus. Also it is easier to convey that sense of being there when shooting a hallway or doorway as opposed to a wide open volume as shown by the examples below. In post-production, I experimented with lighting effects to reflect the very luminous afternoon when the pictures were captured. They certainly add variety to the shots previously published.

I also inserted a gallery with a few additional leftover pictures from my first, and certainly not my last, expedition to the Geo W. Reed building.

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens, tripod, RAW conversion using Adobe Lightroom 3.6


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