Self-portrait no. 2 rework

I made a self-portrait last weekend while visiting an abandoned building, but it was quickly post-processed as it was part of a large number of shots that I wanted to use for a previous post. I knew that it needed to be revisited so I did.

I made the spray text larger than in the first iteration. I added a halo of paint mist around the text and used the smudge tool to mess it up further. I set some slight translucency to the text so it appears as if it was sprayed on glass. Finally, I added overscan lines to give it a feel of a security camera shot seen on an old CRT display. Now the image is much closer to what I originally envisioned.

I think that the age old art of the self-portrait is an interesting and challenging photographic endeavour worth pursuing. I just need to think of the setup for self-portrait no. 3.


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