View from my back porch, not!

Summit Circle in the municipality of Westmount is possibly the most prestigious address in the Montreal area as it sits atop the Western part of Mount-Royal and overlooks the city’s skyline. The street forms, as its name indicates, a loop lined with some of the grandest residences to be seen in the region. What makes these mansions even more desirable is the unique view of the city afforded to the South side of Summit Circle, where a public vista point is also available. Unfortunately, strong street lamps make it difficult to shoot from the vantage point with the squarest view of downtown. I decided to circumvent the problem by moving off-center and to include some silhouetted residences in the foreground against the brightly lit central Montreal skyline.

For those unfamiliar with Montreal, the building topped by a rotating light is Place Ville-Marie, a cross-shaped 47-story skyscraper that has been an icon of the city since its erection in the 1960’s. In the far background, the profile of one of the Monteregian Hills, Mont St-Bruno maybe, topped by 3 red warning lights for airplanes becomes visible. Unless it is Mont St-Hilaire and the lights really form a UFO since the town surrounding the mountain, according to wiki, shows the highest number of UFO sightings in Quebec. Could I have stumbled upon my first UFO picture?

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon EF 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 DO IS lens.


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