Silo no. 5 and surroundings: day, night and everything in between

I went to the Quebec Library and National Archives building but was refused the right to take pictures inside without special permission. I was quite disappointed since my heart was set on capturing this very photogenic interior. I wrote to the public relations person to obtain permission and I am hoping that it gets granted.

So I was a photographer without a subject. I drove around Montreal on the lookout for something that I have not shot before. As I passed through the Old Montreal, I decided to stop and shoot Silo No. 5, an Heritage Montreal site that dominates the Western end of the Old Port area. The aesthetics of Silo No. 5 is still a hot topic for debate in the city as some think that calling it an eyesore is actually an understatement, and others, like me, think that the complex is an important part of the old port skyline.

I went twice to the site in the same day: the first time, I spent about one hour just before midday and came back for another hour or so starting at sunset. It was a beautiful sunny day, with thankfully some wisps of cirrus cloud formations just above the structure. On my return trip, the night sky was cloudless.

I captured series of shots for HDR tonemapping and I used the detail enhancer algorithm, as opposed to the tone compressor that I use most often, for a painterly look often associated and decried with HDR images. I try not to abuse this effect but sometimes I think it is well-suited to the subject. So here are my favorite pictures from the day and I also inserted a gallery with additional images for the same shoot.

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens, Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L lens, Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX lens


4 thoughts on “Silo no. 5 and surroundings: day, night and everything in between

    • Hi Abdul, these are not very technically difficult to capture. You just need a sturdy tripod and use either a remote trigger or put your camera on a 2-sec delay. I use Photomatix for the HDR merger. The software is free to try (it produces images with a watermark) so you can experiment all your heart’s content and learn your preferences in terms of HDR looks. Thanx for your visit!

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