Montreal Downtown: 10 minutes after sunset


I love symmetry. The feel that can be captured 10 minutes before sunrise shooting Eastward must be the same as 10 minutes after sunset shooting Westward. After shooting downtown Montreal from Mont-Royal around sunrise (direction is roughly Eastward), I tried to shoot downtown Montreal from Ste-Hélène Island around sunset (direction is roughly Westward) to test the theory. Obviously the point of view is completely different as on the mountain, the view of downtown is downward whereas on the island, the view is at river level. This difference causes the dance of colours in the sky to appear a few minutes earlier as the sun disappears behind the city’s skyline while still at a few degrees above the horizon. Overall, I think that the ”golden hour” before sunrise seems similar to the one after sunset. It only depends on the shooting direction. The picture below was shot perhaps 30 minutes after sunset from the Concorde Bridge which links the Old Port to the Montreal Casino.

The top image is the result of a single capture whereas the bottom one is a blend of multiple exposures using HDR software.



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