Quartier des Spectacles: all decked out for Christmas


Being my usual unimaginative self when it comes to picking up Christmas gifts, (just in case my parents are reading this, let me rephrase the opening sentence) After spending every waking hour and sleepless night over weeks pondering what would constitute the perfect Christmas present for my parents, I came to the conclusion that the gift of entertainment was it. I went to the Place des Arts in downtown Montreal to pick up some gift certificates for shows and concerts. Since the entire Quartier des Spectacles is nicely decorated for Christmas, including the Iceberg display for Luminothérapie, I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.

I should rename the blog ”shooting after dark” because I went again around sunset time. I guess it reflects my lifestyle since I am definitely more of a night person than a morning person so to get out of the house late afternoon works for me.

I systematically shot series of 7 or 8 exposures 1 stop apart to be merged in software. To decide which exposures are needed, I look at both ends of the exposure spectrum to see whether any region is desirable in the final image. Therefore the final number of exposures making each shot may vary.

The pictures are shown in chronological order as the night progressed from just after sunset to total darkness over a period of about 45 minutes.



The restaurant pictured below is Brasserie T!, the latest offering from Chef Laprise, also owner of the renowned Toqué! restaurant. The interesting thing is that it is very narrow and sits on the sidewalk in the shadow of the Museum of Contemporary Art.


Pictured below is the Iceberg display. It lights up as people walk/run through and it is quite popular with small and big kids alike!


Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens, RAW conversion with Lightroom 4.1



4 thoughts on “Quartier des Spectacles: all decked out for Christmas

    • Thanx Jacquie for your kind words. Actually, reading your comment made me think that I should print one of the pictures to serve as Christmas card to include the gift. Thanx again!

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