Montreal snowed under: rework in B&W


I reworked my favorite picture from the record snow storm in Montreal from 2 days ago. By converting to B&W, some distracting elements such as the red park meter cover blends in with the building side. The blowing snow also becomes more apparent to really show what it felt like walking about during the storm. I used the burn tool to accentuate some texture in the snow. All in all, I think this picture works better in black & white since the color information is not an important part of the composition, even distracting from it.

I applied a similar treatment to two other pictures that I liked from my snow storm shoot:




5 thoughts on “Montreal snowed under: rework in B&W

  1. Nice shots… I really love the snow. Unfortunately, here we don’t have any as the temperature has risen so it’s raining a lot.. Maybe I should visit 😉 We have silly temperatures at the moment.. 12-14°c.


      • Well funny thing is it was today and sunny but with high winds… Been raining for the last few weeks…

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