Happy new year from Quebec City


It was a magical moment. The Grande-Allée in Quebec City all lit up for New Year’s Eve with the obligatory fireworks at midnight. The weather was perfect with a light snowfall resembling confetti dropping from the night sky. The event was animated by Boy George spinning music accompanied by an impressive light show to entertain the tens of thousands of revelers. The street is lined with ice bars to serve fresh beverages on terrasses. What a cool way to start the new year! As I was tethered to one of the bars, L’Ozone, I shot all pictures from essentially the same spot.

I took my first pictures of 2013 with a point and shoot camera that I carry around for these occasions. The top and bottom images are taken after midnight and I used a flash which really brings out the huge snowflakes. The middle two pictures are shot just before midnight without flash. I enjoy the fact that the illuminated snowflakes seem almost like part of the pyrotechnics display.

I wish you all a year 2013 filled with great images, sounds and life experiences.

Equipment: Canon P&S S95, RAW conversion using Lightroom 4.1





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