Portrait of the McDonald’s variety: reshoot


I wasn’t too satisfied with the head on shot of the yellow-red rose I took yesterday so I went back to it. I tried to improve on the unseemly shadows present despite the use of three flash units. To do so, I used the classic clamshell arrangement of two softboxes with the lens sandwiched in between. I think that it did make for softer shadows and I post-processed with a softer and cooler look to produce the image below. Overall, I much prefer the second try so it was worthwhile revisiting.

Before concluding with the rose (i.e. ditching it…), I changed the lighting and took a full head on shot on a white background. I experimented with LAB channel inversions to make four different copies of the image as shown above. Can you guess which LAB channel(s) is inverted in each instance?





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