Inanimate objects have feelings too: from A to Z (5 of 26)



I am attempting my first multi-shoot project. A while back, I wanted to shoot some still lives and ended up with two images representing ideas: oppression and rejection. Revisiting those images made me think about adding to them to cover the whole alphabet, each word describing a feeling or state normally associated with the human mind. Some here are the self-directives:

  1. Use inanimate objects of organic origin such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers, etc.
  2. Use minimalist background and props only if needed
  3. Images are shot at home (makes a great winter project!)
  4. Come up with 26 words, one starting with each letter of the alphabet

For Assimilated, I revisited lemons and limes but reversed the roles from Oppressed. I cut the slice of lemon thinner so it becomes brighter on the image. For the limes, normally I would cut piles of fruits to find the best looking slices but for this image, I just lined up whatever I had since I wanted to retain some individuality of the specimens.

Bullied and Fearful form a pair. Why did I choose a tomato and three green peppers as vegetables to shoot (I know they both are fruits but to me, they are functionally vegetables)? Because together they make Greek salad minus the feta? Not really, although that might be their ultimate fate since I do not like being wasteful about food. I chose the tomato because it had funky leaflets that reminded me of a spiky hairdo and the peppers because of their prominent stems. Also I liked the contrasting colors. I shot Bullied with a wide angle and focused on the stem of the bully. This focal length makes it more like the pepper towers above the poor tomato. For Fearful, I imagined a dark alley with single source low lighting throwing elongated shadows.

I have not made a plan nor a list of words so I will wing it as I go along. At each visit to the grocery store, I’ll keep an eye out for interesting produce that might spell a word for me. I will post new images of this series as they are produced and the new words will be added to the gallery.

It’s becoming my fun in the kitchen project! I hope I do not run out of steam as some the letters are quite challenging to find words in the first place, let alone to illustrate them. All suggestions are welcome.


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