A Word a Week Photography Challenge: ”Weather”




The theme for Sue’s photgraphy challenge this week could not have been better chosen for Montrealers. The weather has been really out of whack lately. Last week we were on the receiving end of a bad cold spell. Yesterday it got really mild and snowy. Then this morning I was woken up by thunder and lightning in the middle of winter… Who has ever heard of such a thing! This was accompanied by a huge downpour, then clear skies, then snow, clear again, etc… And to top it off, the forecast calls another deep freeze for the start of work week. Just great!

I went out to capture a snapshot in time of this insane weather day. I envisioned using HDR software to capture the vast dynamic range caused by the coexistence of clear and sunny skies with deep overcast regions so I customarily shot multiple exposures. When I got home to put it all together, I found out that the fast moving clouds were causing ghosting issues, making the merged images unusable. Instead I merged an HDR image from multiple processing of a single RAW file at five exposure levels for the sky and then masked in the ground from another exposure to produce the final image.

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L lens, RAW conversion using Lightroom 4.1


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