A gallery of gerberas







Having bought three gerberas for a photo project, I could not in good conscience throw them away before immortalizing their likeness with a few snapshots. The first image is obviously backlit. I first tried the red gerbera but did not like the result. The result with the white flower reminds me of some kind of celestial being descending from the skies.

All other pictures are front lit with a medium softbox mounted on a 300 Ws monolight.

For the second, I wanted to get a side shot. I varied the angle from perfectly sideways moving forward until the head became sufficiently visible.

The third is just a close-up on the petals as I wanted to produce an image somewhat abstract.

The fourth is a shot of the center of the white gerbera that I liked best. I find white flowers to be more elegant and delicate.

For the fifth, I wanted to get a family portrait. I tried arranging the three flowers together first without much success so I scaled back to just the two colored ones.

Although the pink and red gerberas are very colorful, I tried to experiment with B&W conversion to see whether the color information was really necessary. I think that the result is interesting as, without the color, one can focus better on the structure of the flower.

The gallery below includes the two images I used for the other photo project for the sake of completeness concerning the gerbera shoot.

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Sigma 180mm f/3.5 EX macro lens, RAW conversion using Lightroom 4.1


6 thoughts on “A gallery of gerberas

  1. I actually really like the effect of the backlit flower, although the detail in the 4th shot is amazing as well.

    Lighting is one of those things I’d like to experiment with this year…

    • Thanx Jolene. It is great to able to control light totally and not to depend on natural or available light. Definitely recommend investing in a few monolights and some light modifiers. Thanx for your visit!

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