Inanimate objects have feelings too: ”Vain” (8 of 26)

Vain_IMG_3318_600pxI produced another image for my project ”Inanimate objects have feelings too”.

This was where the project stood:

For this image, I grabbed the mirror from the bathroom, laid on the floor with the rose in front. I used a black sheet to cover the reflected angles as seen by the camera. Since I used a telephoto for the picture, this angle is thankfully small so a 3-foot wide black piece of cloth was more than sufficient. I used a monolight with a snoot modifier to shoot just enough light to illuminate the rose and its reflection. I had to tweak the orientation of the flash quite a bit to avoid blowing out parts of the flower. This lighting scheme creates a natural vignette which was enhanced in post-processed to totally focus on the flower and its reflection.

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Sigma 180mm macro EX lens, RAW conversion using Lightroom 4.1


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