Looking at the old through fresh eyes: ”Acadia National Park”



Looking at the old through fresh eyes and through improved digital darkroom tools and techniques… I revisited early images captured when I got interested in photography to rework them using today’s post-processing tools. I chose images from a 3-week camping road trip in the Northeast US to chase some racin’ interspersed with some nature stops back in 2005, just after I got my first DSLR in 2005, a Canon 20D.

My most vivid memory (i.e. trauma) from the trip: we bought a case of 24 cans of Molson Export as we crossed the border with the intent of pacing ourselves so it would last the entire trip. It goes without saying that the Canadian brew would heavily be supplemented by locally purchased beer… Our beer management scheme worked to perfection until we hit a State park in New Jersey where alcohol consumption at the campsite is not tolerated. Despite our best efforts to stealthily consume beer, we got caught and were forced to throw away our entire stash. Everybody knows that ”pouring” beer in the woods after it’s been through the digestive tract is the norm but to purposely spill perfectly fine and untouched beer in the trees, that hurt bad. Good thing we were running on the low side otherwise the hecatomb would have been heavier and the beer Gods even unhappier.

These images were shot in Acadia National Park in Maine. It was a dreary day with very muted colors due to the ever present fog, which make them well suited for B&W conversion.

At that time, I used Raw Shooters Essentials compared to Lightroom 4.1 now.  It is quite interesting to note how much more can be drawn out of the same RAW file with the more recent RAW converters. The analogy of the RAW file to the film negative is certainly true as it can be processed repeatedly with varying results depending on the conversion tools and settings of course. Those were pre-HDR day so I shot single exposures.  I could not get anything more of the skies and it would have taken much darker exposures to capture any detail at all. There is only so much one can get out of a single RAW file.

I really enjoy revisiting old images for the memories. Also since photography is a pastime, I get even more bang for the buck in terms of post-trip image processing since I probably enjoy the image processing almost as much as the capture. Probably not quite… but I definitely like playing around with images to try to bring out something that looks different than the initial capture.

3 thoughts on “Looking at the old through fresh eyes: ”Acadia National Park”

  1. As soon as I saw your images I knew it was Acadia. There is something so unique and special about that island. Serious loss about the beer though. Really funny story. In Peru, they always give Mama Pacha (mother earth) a bit of their beer before they start drinking. Think you’ve got a good part of the country covered that day. 🙂

    • Thanx Bella for sharing the very interesting Peruvian tradition. I am a bit ambivalent about it: usually I am against beer spillage but at the same time I do respect Mother Earth and if she gets thirsty once in a while, who am I to deny her a well-deserved sip. I will keep this in mind if I ever visit Peru! Thanx for the visit!

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