Dodge & burn: unremembered church and cemetery in Maine


While going through old pictures from Maine, I fell upon this image of a church and cemetery that I do not remember taking, let alone remember where it was taken. I know it was in Maine in the neighborhood of the Acadia National Park, so it could have been in Bar Harbor and surroundings. Anyway, I thought it might make an interesting exercise in digital dodging and burning. I do not tend to use the Photoshop dodge & burn tools anymore but rather, I copy a layer, blend it with the multiply mode (for burning) or screen (for dodging). This is non-destructive and by adjusting the opacity, one can get the desired effect. I find it is much easier and accurate to work with than using the dodge & burn tools themselves.

Using dodge, I lightened considerably the tombstones, the church circular window and the stone columns and by burning, I darkened part of the roofs and walls to accentuate tonal differences. Otherwise, a straight conversion to B&W yields an image where the tonal range is quite narrow. I find that dodging & burning is one of the easiest post-processing steps to add visual interest. Also, it really helps to add a personal touch to the interpretation of the image.


6 thoughts on “Dodge & burn: unremembered church and cemetery in Maine

  1. Thank you for posting the dodge and burn link, I’ve always wanted to learn that technique. Much appreciated. πŸ™‚ P.S. The picture is phenomenal too. πŸ™‚

    • My pleasure Amanda! I read it from a book but the technique as posted is really simple and it works. I guess it is another tool that complements the dodge & burn tools since sometimes they are preferable since you get to select between highlights, mid-tones and shadows. This feature is often useful as well. Thanx for the compliment!

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