A Word a Week Photo Challenge: ”Old”




I visited Rome during a business trip in 2006. I took a few snapshots that laid dormant on a storage drive untouched since. I was not very satisfied with the shots because it was an overcast day and the images turned out with the skies completely white. For Sue’s challenge this week, I decided to revisit this set of images. By processing multiple images from a single RAW file and combining using HDR software, some texture can be restored to the skies to make the images more interesting.

I converted to B&W to visually remove extraneous details such as fences. It also better suits the theme ”old”.

I inserted a gallery with more pictures from a walkabout in Rome, a city with lots of old architecture.


7 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photo Challenge: ”Old”

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  2. Wow. Rome apparently gives its best also with overcast skies. I especially like the one with the reflections in the Tiber river. Really the processing you chose, and thank you for the precious tips, returns a high degree of detail, in spite of the unfriendly weather conditions. Great job! πŸ™‚

    • Thanx allsho! Actually, I took pictures the next day with a sunny cloudless sky and the pictures are not very interesting. Too much like postcards… πŸ˜‰

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