Butterflies go free!







Montreal’s Insectarium hosts a yearly event where butterflies are bred and freed within a large greenhouse. The event is called ‘‘Butterflies go free” or ”Papillons en liberté” in French. Today I was feeling somewhat out of sorts but I really wanted to go photograph the butterflies as it is the last day of the event.

I went bright and early to avoid the crowds as the event is quite popular. I think it was well worth the effort since photographing these beautiful insects, either immobile or fluttering around is a lot of fun.

I brought a macro lens which enabled me to get quite close to the insects. What becomes quite apparent is that their age shows through damage to their wings. That made me wonder how many generations of butterflies come and go during the 6-week duration of the event. I thought about asking but a grown man inquiring about the life cycle of insects to female staff may seem too much like he’s hitting on them…

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Sigma 180mm f/3.5 EX macro

16 thoughts on “Butterflies go free!

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    • Thanx very much saltypalette! Actually it is really fun. I am totally unused to photograph animals so it is novel for me to chase for butterflies… The reality is that I could only shoot them when they land and are completely immobile, or when they flutter around a flower. Otherwise, my lens could not follow and focus on such a small insect with what seems like random motion.

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