A Word a Week Photo Challenge: ”Mountain”




I visited my sis three summers ago as she was residing in a small town (St-Louis-de-Huningue) at the border between France, Germany and Switzerland. During my stay, we took a day trip to Mount Titlis (3,238 m) in Switzerland. I took a few pictures but never really looked at them much as they laid dormant on a drive somewhere. Since I haven’t been to the mountains all that much, I had to look at them to see if some could be used for Sue’s challenge this week.

What I remember from that day is the insanely long wait to take the cable car up and that it was freaking cold in bermuda shorts at the summit…

Since the first picture is shot from the cable car through glass windows, it was lacking in local contrast. Conversely its global contrast was too high. I tried to make it usable by processing 4 images from -2 EV to +1 EV from the RAW and merged them into a single exposure with HDR tone compression. That helped with the global contrast issue. Then, I used local contrast enhancement to remove the effect of the glass and add clarity to the image.

I did similarly for the second image although it is shot from the summit, not from behind a glass window. I prefer the first image because we can see the valley snaking through the mountains.

As much as I like taking grand vistas in, landscape is not my favorite subject. The end result is never as grandiose as we remember the landscape to be. Also, I do no tend to have the luxury of revisiting same spot at various times of the day or the year. It is usually to be a one-shot deal during a trip. I guess I do like everybody else and I take a few snapshots to remember that day but in the end, I think that my memories are more vivid than the pictures.


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