Glimmer of hope


I went for some urban exploration this Sunday and found an interesting site. I took a lot of pictures and have not had the time to go through them all yet. I prepared a single one to date.

For this image, I used a wide angle and put the camera as low as I could to create the tunnel effect. I framed the image by trial and error: shoot, check out the resulting image and move tripod. I could not really look through the viewfinder due to the awkward position of the camera. Because of the huge dynamic range, the image is produced from 10-11 exposures 1 EV apart. I masked in the sky through the opening from the best exposed image otherwise the clouds are fuzzy as it was a very windy day. Since 10-11 exposures are available, there is so many ways to process the image. I made this one quite dark but it would be quite possible to make the foreground much lighter. The problem with the lighter frames is lens flare which become quite apparent with the long exposures. I cleaned it up a bit as well.

So many more images to come…

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens


6 thoughts on “Glimmer of hope

    • Thanx xtina! When I saw the deep blue sky through a hole in the ceiling of the abandoned building, I knew there was an image to be made.

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