A Word a Week Photo Challenge: ”Angle”

Lionel-Groulx Station

Lionel-Groulx Station


For Sue’s challenge this week, I revisited pictures taken in the Montreal metro. Lionel-Groulx is one of the rare stations, maybe even the only one, in the Montreal metro network where two levels are visible at once. I decided to use two pictures to create this image where trains are visible on both lower and upper platforms. Since it was during the weekend, the train frequency is not terribly high and I do not have the patience to wait until two trains would be present simultaneously.

To the base picture, I masked in the lower level train leaving and the person moving up the escalator in the lower right corner. The base picture also had incomplete people to the very far right so I masked the empty space from the second picture to clean that up. So there you have it, a picture with lots of angles: geometrical angles from the architecture as well as people moving around at all sorts of angles.


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