Weekly Photo Challenge: ”The Sign Says”



A Victorian mansion in Eureka, CA, clearly states that it is a private club. HDR made from a single RAW file.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: ”The Sign Says”

    • Thanx very much ilargia for your kind words! It’s funny because I did not know that this house appears so often in photographs. I had stopped for a night in Eureka because it was a convenient stop (and I liked the name). While there, the hotel staff recommended to go see the house and that’s what we did in the morning just before driving back to SF. The picture itself was a bit boring with overcast skies so it stayed unprocessed until I dug it up for this week’s challenge. I had to go down 3 stops to get texture from the skies.

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  3. Awesome! I just started HDR and can’t wait to get to your level (hopefully I will one day!) Great picture, really great!

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