I am Global.


I decided to rework the image I produced for this week’s photo challenge ”The World Through My Eyes”:


It was missing a few elements. One cannot be an aerospace engineer and not include an aircraft to the mix. So I searched through tons of images shot during various airshows. I was looking specifically for aircraft from Bombardier Aerospace (my employer!). As I do not tend to shoot pictures of aircraft on static display too much, my choices were severely limited. I found a picture of a Global 5000 on static display at Le Bourget 2007. I processed the image to try to make it look synthetic.

I removed elements I did not like and rearrange things to accommodate the synthetic aircraft. I also added a hue/saturation adjustment layer to shift my face slightly to the blue end of the scale. I also used the same layer to darken and desaturate lightly the background image. Finally, I copied the rings, blurred them some more to add a blue tinge to my face to simulate the reflection of the rings.

And I used the current motto for the Global campaign as title for the post as I thought it fit well with the image.

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