A Word a Week Photo Challenge: ”Tropical”



I haven’t traveled much in tropical places so I am somewhat short on material for this week’s photo challenge from Sue. I dug up this image from the Gower Peninsula in Wales (which is even more North than where I live in Montreal) because I visited the UK during a record heatwave and I remember that the beaches in Wales and Cornwall felt much like the tropics, except maybe the water temperature…

I used three exposures from a single RAW file to produce the final image.

8 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photo Challenge: ”Tropical”

    • Thanx Kenn. There are many beautiful beaches in the area and they are cool as they tend to be more secluded, i,e, need a bit of a hike to get to.

  1. I have spent a lot of time in Wales and am off to Cornwall in a couple of weeks, both beautiful places, Gorgeous picture.

    • Thanx Jo. Lucky you! Enjoy your visit of Cornwall. It is very beautiful and so enjoyable by its diversity of sights and activities.

    • You should try to make it there. The beaches are nice and secluded so not very busy, even during the hottest summer ever in the UK. Thanx for the visit!

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