The CSeries’ maiden flight


I have been working on the Bombardier CSeries development for 4.5 years. Today marked a crucial milestone in the development of a new aircraft, its maiden flight. A few thousand employees and dignitaries were invited to witness the momentous event from stands installed on the side of the runway. The company encouraged everybody to take pictures and videos so I did.

We were bused out bright and early (6.45) from the Bombardier New Product Development center where I live to Mirabel airport. we anxiously waited for about 2 hours before the first CSeries prototype, known as FTV1, rolled out followed by the chase aircraft, a Global 5000 flight test vehicle.  Then another 20-25 minutes, at 9.55, the CSeries took off for the first time. It is the crowning moment of years of simulation and tests to make it happen and it marks the beginning of the flight test program. What an exciting moment to work at Bombardier!

8 thoughts on “The CSeries’ maiden flight

    • The CS100 variant that has flown seats 110-125 pax. There is concurrent development for the CS300 variant which seats 135-160 pax. I would say medium range as the aircraft can fly a transatlantic liaison like JFK to London City for example.

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