A Word a Week Challenge: ”Favourite”






This is my favourite gallery of images from a portrait photo session. It made me wonder why? Is it due to the strong emotional attachment I feel towards the subject? There, I wrote it. I feel that my photo diary is becoming my personal diary… Or is it because I find this gallery to be more technically accomplished than what I have produced before? In the end, probably both aspects factor in but favouritism is subjective by nature, so it is clear that capturing the beauty of the subject weighs in much heavier.

For this shoot, I worked with a young but very talented local makeup artist, Anne-Sophie Casabon. I asked her for two makeup schemes: one for a natural look and one heavier.

I used a single medium-sized softbox as main lighting and used a silver reflector to reduce contrasts for pictures with the natural look makeup. The pictures with the heavier makeup are taken with a single light source. I also used a fan to create movement in the hair for some of the shots.

I did mostly head and shoulders shot because my home studio is not quite large enough to comfortably shoot wider portraits. I like to shoot those on locations but with winter coming, I guess I have to find interior locations of interest.

The subject’s very nice bone structure and long neck are attractive features which translate very well in pictures. I really enjoy the results with both makeup and I am particularly impressed by the fact that the natural look makeup preserves and truly enhances the subject’s youthful appearance.

Shooting portrait has become my favourite type of photography. I find every shoot challenging and interesting as every subject is different, therefore monotony does not settle in. I also find that the results I produce do improve with practice so I will try to shoot portraits more often, especially since the cold season is fast approaching here in Montreal.

Actually the next frontier for me might be to include myself in a portrait with the subject featured herein. I am not sure about the right term but I would like to create a couple self-portrait.

Equipment: Canon DSLR 5D Mk II, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS macro lens, RAW conversion using Lightroom 4.1


3 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: ”Favourite”

  1. Love, love, love seeing this side of you! You seem pretty smitten and I can’t blame you. She’s beautiful and obviously must be super cool to have been allowed into what was a mancave world! 🙂

    • Hey Janet, you are right: she is quite special to be given full access to the mancave. Let me count the ways: she is very active, loves video games, movies with a lot of whiz bang, professional sports and even more so motorsports, and to top it all off, next season, she is going to be a tifosi as Kimi is moving back to La Scuderia!

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