Weekly Photo Challenge: ”Beginning”








These are my first series of pictures that I have printed and custom framed. A beginning of a sort for me. I went B&W as it makes placing images side by side much easier. It also avoids any potential color management issues. I decided on a square format as I like the flexibility of hanging the images in a 2×2 or 4×1 arrangement.

I printed 12”x18” and cut them to 12”x12”. Because one image is mostly white and the other three mostly black, we used two mats: an off-white to make a small frame on the inside (maybe 0.25”) and a standard 3” dark grey mat. Since the white mat is under the dark grey one, it makes for a nice bevel. Finally I chose a plain black frame.

The result turned out better than I expected. They can be viewed from really close since my camera provides over 300 dpi at the 12”x12” size.

I gave the frames to my girlfriend as a Christmas gift and a memento of our first trip together. That and she had the patience to walk around lower Manhattan at night and cross the Brooklyn Bridge to snap a few pictures.



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