Engineer by day, photography enthusiast by night. I shoot anything that moves. I shoot anything that does not move. I shoot anything that breathes. I shoot anything that does not breathe. I shoot big. I shoot small and everything in between.

Photography is an outlet for my pent creativity and I want to share my photographic experiences. I like learning about different photographic techniques and trying them out. As much as I like gear, there are already a myriad of websites dedicated to equipment review so this blog reflects my personal development in the field of photography as I try new things. There are no uninteresting photographic subjects for me, only untried ones.



30 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Thank you for visiting my Picture This Art blog! I am a literary lady at heart, and the picture blog is my bit of fun for art and photography appreciation! You have some really fantastic pictures on here, and a great talent for taking striking photographs – and I do love striking! I’m looking forward to viewing some more very soon!
    Suzy 😀

    • Thanx Suzy for the visit and your kind words are much appreciated, especially knowing that you have such a great eye for visually striking images. It is with great interest that I follow the mind-blowing images that you share!

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    • Thanx Susanne. Sure. I take exposures from the underexposed to the overexposed almost from a black to a white frame. Then, I look at the frames from the underexposed and I select the one where details that I want to see in the merged exposure appear. I do the same from the overexposed end. Then I use HDR software to merge all exposures selected (and in between of course). If there are areas that come out ”strange”, I mask in those from one of the single exposures. This becomes the starting point for the image processing. Hope it helps. Thanx for the visit!

  3. You are seriously one of the coolest photographers I’ve seen around WP in a long time (other than the ones I already follow). Love all your photos and think you have incredible talent! I’m trying to learn to take long exposure photos. I’m having a lot of fun doing the tilt shift picture, so fun!!!

    • Hi Java Girl, thank you so much for your most kind words! I am glad you are experimenting with photography and enjoying it. That’s certainly my motto as well!

  4. You’ve got my follow for sure. You photos are amazing. I’m similar. Have the day job with that creative bent. Work by day, blog by night, photos at all times.

    • Thanx for the visit SimplySage. It’s not because engineering does not require creativity, just a different kind than photography so both pursuits are complementary. Keep on shooting!

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